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Supervision Profile

Professional Information

Andrea holds a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling - Transpersonal Integrative awarded by CPCAB and is qualified to Level 5 CPCAB as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.

Andrea is also qualified within Level 6 Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision.

In addition, Andrea is a qualified Couples Counsellor and can therefore also provide Supervision for both individual and couples’ therapy. Similarly, she is a qualified Online practitioner.

Andrea started her training in 2007 and has undertaken personal development work which she considers to be an essential part of her training.

She is committed to continuously looking at how she can increase, deepen and expand her skills and knowledge. This includes attending professional training workshops, conferences and seminars.

Andrea runs a successful private psychotherapeutic practice for clients of all ages.

She has counselled pupils within a school environment and students with complex social and learning difficulties.

Andrea has counselled for charities; becoming a specialist within adult mental health and young people.

She has also provided a consultancy service for group sessions and has previously embarked on a project in partnership with Wiltshire Mind and SWITCH which involved counselling ex-offenders.

How Supervision Works

Supervision provides a holding space to explore and play through shared experience; focusing on growth and progression for all, with the ultimate focus to do the best by the client within all aspects of the therapeutic relationships.

During supervision Andrea works to the Integrated Developmental Model – Stoltenberg and Delworth to help her hold the sessions based on you, taking into account your motivation, autonomy and self-other awareness, adjusting the support and challenge based on your levels of experience.

This is further supported by the Hawkins and Shohet process model of supervision called the “Seven Eyed Process”. This model provides seven different areas that would be the focus within the supervision session.

The seven modes are:

Mode 1 Focus on the client and what and how they present

Mode 2 Exploration of the strategies and interventions used by the supervisee

Mode 3 Focusing on the relationship between the client and the supervisee

Mode 4 Focusing on the supervisee

Mode 5 Focusing on the supervisory relationship

Mode 6 The supervisor focusing on their own process

Mode 7 Focusing on the wider context in which the work happens

Andrea's aim is to encourage you to develop your own autonomy as a practitioner.

It is not her intention to impose any particular style or theoretical orientation on you, as the supervisee, but by merely detailing the above process helps you to understand how to get the best from your work together.

Andrea works to the BACP code of ethics which promotes the need for her to be trustworthy and honour the trust placed within her; to provide autonomy and respect your right to be self-governing; beneficence, a commitment to promoting your well-being; a commitment to avoiding harm to you, non-maleficence; provide justice for you by offering a fair and impartial treatment and the provision of adequate services; and finally self-respect through self-knowledge and self-care for herself.

Andrea can also work in more creative ways as part of facilitating the process using pictures, writings, movement, poems or dreams.

Within the supervision relationship Andrea will encourage you to explore emotional and physical feelings and thoughts and behaviours in the context in which they arise. Working in this way is designed to help enhance the work between you and your clients. It provides you the opportunity to get a sense of your work so together issues can be explored along with the challenges and dilemmas of the work.

Sessions and Payment


Charges are £55 for a 50 minute session, or £82.50 for 90 minutes

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