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Connect Counselling Service

Bringing you Together

Couples and Family Counselling

Andrea is a qualified Couples/Relationship Counsellor holding a Diploma in Couples Counselling, recognised by the Couples Counselling Network.


Relationship counselling is designed to provide all parties with a safe enviroment and space to discuss and explore their relationship. 


Andrea aims to facilitate a better functioning of the relationship between those parties involved, in a respectful and non-judgemental way; giving equal space to all parties so those present feel heard and valued. 


It can help each of you to identify changes you may wish to make in your life for the benefit of the relationship.


Your relationship will be the focus of each session. Andrea will not be making a judgement on the current state or potential outcomes of your relationship.


By working together the aim is to gain a clearer understanding of the issues affecting your relationship and to explore the possible changes that maybe required to achieve the best outcome for your relationship.


Andrea believes that neither party is to blame for the current state of the relationship; but all parties are responsible for the relationship and how it moves forward.


Charges are £75 for a 50 minute session for group work, compromising of two or more persons, but limited to four without prior negotiation.


Charges are £75 for 50 minutes for couples in relationship counselling, reducing to £65 after four sessions.

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