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Bringing you Together

Some Facts

Two things have been mentioned within Andrea’s website

  • Experiencing difficulties within our life is more common place than ever realised
  • Choosing a counsellor can be a difficult decision

British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists conducted some research and found one in four adults suffer from common mental health issues. Yet how many of you suffering actually seek support?

Andrea has put some facts together to help reassure you that you are not alone with some of your issues and to provide reassurance and confidence that she runs a successful practice. The information has been collected over a six year period.


Those who have attended her private practice range from age 5-63 years and there is fairly much an equal split between male (44%) and females (55%).

Most of you refer yourself to counselling, however over a quarter of you are referred by a family member.

Nearly half of you have had counselling previously and some are currently on medication to help with their psychological problems.

Your Concerns

Many of you come to counselling for numerous reasons and once in therapy explore other areas which are unique to you.

Whilst it is important to recognise that each of you have your own individual challenges and difficulties to explore, there are some commonplace reasons as to why you would choose to come to therapy and common themes that are covered within sessions.

Common themes that bring you to therapy:

  • Problems related to primary support group, including family circumstances
  • Problems related to your social environment
  • Problems in relationship with spouse or partner
  • Stressful work situation
  • Social exclusion and rejection
  • Events resulting in loss of self-esteem in childhood
  • Life management difficulty ( most common)
  • Problems related to negative life events in childhood

Common themes covered in sessions:

  • Anxiety/stress
  • Depression
  • Cognitive learning
  • Work/academic reasons
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Living/welfare


Different people are in different places when they embark on their therapeutic journey. 

Some are dealing with very difficult life situations, with 34% experiencing suicidal thoughts and 36% thoughts of self-harm, whilst 20% have thoughts of causing harm to others. 

Some are struggling to function on a day to day basis; whereas some are simply looking to increase self-awareness and work on self-development. 

The place in which you find yourself varies for each individual.

From the data collected there is clear evidence that Andrea has reduced concerns for wellbeing by 73%, problem solving by 73%, day to day functioning by 69%, risk by 89% and overall concerns by 72%. *

In summary, Andrea has taken individuals on average from a clinical population to a non-clinical population for mental health.

*Based on data collected using the CORE Outcome

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