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Connect Counselling Service

Bringing you Together

Video, Audio and E-Counselling

Andrea Hunt offers individual, couples and group counselling.

Sessions take the form of Video, Audio or E-counselling on various platforms.

Such platforms can support those experiencing mobility, accessibility, childcare or time related issues.

With E- counselling a 50-minute session is scheduled and the communication is via email, instant messaging or text.

To reduce intensity; promote convenience and work within time restrictions an alternative is to spread the duration of the session over the week. E-counselling or What’s App voice notes would be used for this format, allocating 10 minutes each day.*

Voice notes does have a faster paced feel to the work, so choose the intervention that will work best for you as an individual.

To further explore either of the above options, please make contact with Andrea.

 *Subject to mutually agreed terms

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