Connect Counselling Service - Bringing you Together
Telephone; Skype and E-Counselling

Andrea understands that not everyone wishes to participate within face to face counselling.

This can be for numerous reasons; accessibility issues; childcare; managing a busy schedule and because face to face, for some people can feel very overwhelming.

Therefore, normal counselling appointments can be scheduled but can take place over the telephone or via skype, based on your individual preference.

For those of you that do not have time for a 50 minute session, or find the duration of the session overwhelming, e-counselling can be another alternative.

E-counselling can take place in two different ways, either a 50 minute session is scheduled and the communication is via email or text, or the second option is to spread the course of the session over the week.*

To further explore either of the above options, please make contact with Andrea.

 *Subject to mutually agreed terms
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